About Calisthenics
Calisthenics is an artistic sport, comprising of teams of pupils performing exercises to music. The exercises and combinations of different types of movement include dance (folk and modern), gymnastics, acting, ballet, singing and apparatus manipulation.

Calisthenics as a sport encourages its participants to develop strength and flexibility, coordination and self-discipline. It also fosters relationships and a spirit of teamwork amongst members.

Children of all ages thrive on the variety and challenges offered in the many facets of Calisthenics. Throughout the year teams learn between 4 and 7 routines and perform them on a stage in our Annual Concert in November. Competition classes also compete in competitions in the second half of the year. The competition season ranges from July to October – the teams will compete in at least 3 competitions ending with the National Competition in October (Ballarat). Competitions will be in various Victorian locations. (Competition dates and locations to be advised)

At Krymzon Academy of Calisthenics your child will gain many valuable attributes including friendship, confidence, coordination, poise and fitness.

Krymzon prides itself on being a friendly, family orientated club and supports this through various club functions that involves the whole family. Krymzon's widely acclaimed male team, 'Blokes Inc' have been performing at the Annual Concert for many years now and reinforces our family atmosphere. (Yes...... the men also perform a routine not to be missed!)
Routines which may be performed.

March – A routine with many intricate floor and line patterns where deportment and uniformity are important factors.

Clubs - Routines with club swinging in unison and patterns. The more intricate routines require the pupils to move around the stage and execute leg movements as well.

Free Exercise - A routine that shows off the teams flexibility, stamina and timing. The pupils operate with 'free arms' - that is holding no apparatus.

Rods - A routine with teams manipulating a rod each in unison and patterns. The more intricate routines are ones in which the rods is manipulated quickly and constantly.

Aesthetics/Rhythmical Aesthetics- A Ballet-styled routine that shows the team moving with grace and expression. Pupils need to interpret the music with feeling and softness. Many ballet positions are incorporated into this routine.

Folk Dance - A routine based upon a National Dance from around the world. Pupils need to display unison whilst conveying national character.

Song and Dance/Dance Arrangement - These routine combines singing with modern dance/jazz steps. Emphasis is on the quality of singing as well as dance movements in the Song and Dance item.

Calisthenics Spectacular/Revue - A routine that combine dance, comedy and agility. The most popular routine where the emphasis is on entertainment as well as quality of movement.

As you can see from the above, Calisthenics allows your child to become involved in a wide variety of different routines which combine ballet, jazz, modern dance steps, acting and singing as well as gymnastic movements. The use of apparatus's, (clubs and rods) also makes Calisthenics a unique sport.

Photographs courtesy of N.L. Harvey and Sons of Ballarat.