Coaches Profiles

Director - Mrs Jo Hannan-Pink

- Jo started Calisthenics in 1978 as a Sub-Junior at the age of 8 years.
- Competed successfully in Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels.
- Competed successfully as a soloist, graceful girl and duo partner ('Master's' included).
- Won Scholarship at Mt Gambier Eisteddfod as a Junior competitor.
- Started coaching in 1986.
- Mother of 2 children - Teresa and Christian.
- Coached numerous aggregate winning teams at RSSS Championships, Mt Gambier, Geelong, Melbourne and Warrnambool competitions.
- Coached numerous students in Pupil Skills (Calisthenics exams)
- Coached 'too many to mention' successful soloists who compete in Warrnambool, Mount Gambier and Adelaide Solo Competitions.
- Established own club 'MJ Calisthenics Academy" in 2005 at MJ Dance Studio.
- In 2008 changed the club name to "Krymzon Academy of Calisthenics". New club colours are red, purple, gold and white.
- Retired (again) from competing in 2008 (Aged 39) and got married as well!.
In 2009 the club moved from MJ Dance Studio and rehearsed routines in various halls.
- 2009 - 2010 New Studio Built - a dream come true!
- In 2010 Jo's Junior Team placed in every item at the RSSS (Ballarat) National Calisthenics competition in Division 3.

Why Calisthenics? - Jo's mother put her into calisthenics because she was terribly shy! But she is very glad she did. Jo believes that calisthenics is not only fun but also very rewarding. She has made some great friends over the years and is inspired to see the club's very talented students grow and improve.

Favourite Moments - Establishing her own club, coaching Seniors the year they won the aggregate in Ballarat and most importantly watching her daughter Teresa, dance. She is an inspiration!

Goals - To always be involved with calisthenics in some way.
- To make 'Krymzon' the best calisthenics club it can be.
- To watch her club grow in future years and look back and be proud of what she has achieved.

Coach - Simone Phelan

Coach - Jenae Fox

Coach - Carly White

Coach - Mrs Teresa Paproth

- Has been a Level one coach since she was 18, however Teresa started choreographing routines for her mother's teams at the age of 12.
- Won the Mount Gambier Eisteddfod Scholarship twice at age 10 and 14 in both Graceful and Best Type solo items.
- Has coached 5 Scholarship winners consecutively from 2006-2010 and in 2010 had 3 Scholarship winners out of the four offered.
- In her second year of coaching her Intermediate team won their Division at RSSS (Ballarat).
- In 2009 Teresa had her first soloist make the Championship section in the SA State Championships.
- In 2010 Teresa's Graceful girls were all very successful in the CASA State Championships with two soloists placing in the Championship sections.
- In 2010 Teresa had two Junior Soloists who competed in the Championship Section at the CASA Best Type Solo State Championships.
- In 2010 Teresa coached the winners of the Intermediate 13/14 Yrs Duo AND the Intermediate 15/16 Yrs Duo at the CASA Best Type Solo and Duo State Championships.
- In 2010 Teresa coached the Intermediate team who won their Division at RSSS (Ballarat).
- In 2011 Teresa had three Graceful Soloists reach Championship level at CASA.
In 2011 Teresa reached one of her goals - which was to coach the Intermediate Team at Division 1 Level at CASA. (Team were Runners-Up Aggregate Winners)
In 2011 Teresa coached and performed in the Senior Team which were Aggregate Winners of the RSSS Division 5 Senior Championships.
- Competed as a Soloist and Duo partner from Sub-Junior through to Senior age.

Why Calisthenics? - Teresa always attended calisthenics classes from a very young age when her mother was coaching and was soon addicted! She has met so many wonderful people through this sport who have not only inspired her to become a better dancer but also to become a better coach.

Favourite Moments- Having her mother establish their own club, Teresa's Intermediates winning their Division at RSSS, competing with her Duo partner (Carly W) and the Senior Song and Dance item in 2009. The item was great fun each and every time they performed it!

- To teach girls not only to perfect their routines but to enjoy each and every step they have on the stage.
- To have more Krymzon girls reach the Championship sections at the SA State Championships.

Long Term Goal - to become a Calisthenics Adjudicator as well as a Pupil Skills Examiner.

Outside of Calisthenics - Teresa is currently studying a Diploma in Children Services and from this Teresa hopes to transfer into Education.
- Enjoys 'hanging out' with her friends, reading, going to the gym and on random road trips, taking classes in different styles of dance and catching up with her 'cali family' outside of training.