Maureen Hannan Award

The Maureen Hannan award of excellence, dedication and loyalty.

This award is dedicated to Maureen Hannan for her loyalty and dedication to the sport of "Calisthenics".
Maureen has inspired many a dancer, and has always set high standards. Her encouragment and sheer determination sets an example to us all.
Award Winners:
2018      Cheryl McCombe and Sophie Day

Due to the passing of Maureen Hannan in 2017- it was not awarded as a mark of respect and love of a most treasured lady.

2016 Yana Leamey and Morgan Mansell

2015 Yvonne Giddings and Kelsea Fox

2014 Grant Phelan and Jenae Fox

‚Äč2013 Amanda Day and Simone Phelan

2012 Leah Fox and Carly White

2011 Leah Fox and Morgan Mansell

2010 Teresa Greco and Naomi O'Donohoe

2009 Phelan and Burford Families and Jamie Hunter

2008       Yvonne Giddings and Chloe Reid

2007 Sally Burford and Jamie Childs

2006 Leah Fox and Rachel Boatman

2005 Andrea Thompson and Tanika Giddings